Real estate

Real estate

Real estate – Building for a future worth living

The need for modern and energy-efficient commercial real estate is rising in the face of scarce resources and rising energy prices. At the same time, the demographic change creates an increasing demand on barrier-free homes, providing its inhabitants with a comfortable and self-determined life even at an advanced age.

Franger Investment commits itself through investments and shareholdings to a growing number of future-oriented projects, both at home and abroad, in the field of private as well as commercial real estate. High standards with regard to energy efficiency, accessibility and location also ensure the sustainability of our investments.

Real estate portfolio

Royal Garden Residence, João Pessoa

Completion in 2015
6 apartments, 260 m²

Concepts Residence, João Pessoa

Completion end of 2014
12 apartments, 781 m²

Else-Krieg-Straße, Speyer

completion in 2015
17 apartments, 1253.20 m²

  • Rental
  • Energy efficiency class 55
  • Accessible
  • Following the Diakonie

Eastsite VI, Mannheim

Completion in 2014
Office space of 4,200 m²

  • Rental
  • Energy efficiency building with geothermal

Seckenheimer Landstraße 119, Mannheim

Year of building 2013
12 apartments, 1038.50 m²

  • Rental

Hafen-Passage Hafenstraße, Speyer

Year of building 2003
138.51 m² of office space